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>> this is a special edition of bbc world news america, overlooking the capital in washington, i am kathy kay. obama takes the public oath of office and lays out his vision. >> we are made for this moment and so long as we seize it together -- >> hundreds of thousands pack the mall in washington to share the historic moment. and what's a party without a parade? we follow one badn through the crowd for a second time around. ♪ >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and
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around the globe. we overlook the u.s. capitol. president obama took the second oath of office. he president laid out his vision for the next four years. editor's north americna editoan has the days highlights. >> the president may have a rival in popularity. ♪ oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> beyonce sang the national anthem along the pomp as past presidents took the stage as the crowd tried to see the first lady. her new haircut is the talk of
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the media. but all the marching bands are for one band. this is pageant with a political purpose as a crowd sang the battle hymn of the republic, he linked this to his vision of america. >> a little girl in the bleakest poverty has a chance like any other american, an equal in the eyes of our god but our own. >> he had views that enraged opponents with gun control, climate change, and gay rights. >> we are not done until our gay brothers and sisters are treated equally. surely the love we give to each
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other is equal as well. >> he defined his mission for the next four years. >> that is our task, to make these values of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness real for 3everevery american. >> he will face plenty of opposition to his plans, but not today. this is for those who reelected him. >> all americans will be represented by him. >> this is america coming up here today. >> after a break for lunch and more speeches, a big parade to mark the second term in office. four years ago, the inauguration made history with the first black president.
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but now he talks about how he wants to shape history with an uncompromising speech. >> but now it is time to bask in the adulation of supporters, who believes in faith and change. >> that parade is still going on behind me, to the street down below. but will the president do what he said out to do it in his second term? general colin powell has endorsed barack obama in both elections. he was asked if the president has met his expectations during the first term. >> he has seen the economy come up again, and the employment -- unemployment rate is still too high but i think this will
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improve. we're out of iraq and we are changing our policy in afghanistan, and osama bin laden is dead. the president has made a commitment to education and he is running with a 52% approval rate, and this is a good start for a second term. >> what about the critics of the president to say that the deficit has grown and he has not put his weight behind climate change. in his first address, he mentioned climate change three times. and there are still problems in the country and the criticism -- is that he has given a fabulous speech but has not followed through. >> i think some of the criticism is fair but you have to also talk about his initial priorities or challenges.
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he is really committed to doing something about this in the second term. the deficit is one of the most difficult issues and the president -- he does not sign the appropriation bills until they are passed by congress. and this is not something that the president can do alone. it is the congress decides how big the deficit will be but the president has to work with congress. we need more revenue and we need to drive down spending. i think the president understands that and he is working on this but he cannot do this alone. >> looking forward to the next four years, do you see an america that is retreating? >> i see an american -- an america that is moving to asia. the america they are focusing on asia but have not forgotten about europe and our new allies, and this is an america
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that is still concerned about issues in the middle east and other parts of the world. but america cannot do everything for everybody. if you think america will become isolationist, that will not happen. >> the world has such high expectations for this president. his single biggest problem was said to be high expectations. >> does any politician ever meet all of the campaign expectations. you come in with an agenda and you do the best that you can. you will succeed on some issues and you will not succeed and there will be a tie on some issues. and the president understands with the expectations have not been met and that is where he is focusing. there are new issues like gun control, which is a very
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excitable issue. it was not in the first term because it is too hard to do, politically. and the president, as we like to say, is not a king. he has to work with congress and our constitutional system is such that there are checks and balances so that nobody is in charge. you have to have a consensus of views that support the views of the american people. >> this has worked for a couple of hundred years and let's hope that the nature of american politics can change. >> i have seen waves come and go throughout the course of my public life and this is one of those waves. >> general colin powell, speaking to me a while ago, a republican who supports barack obama. and this will mark the start of
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barack obama's second term, and in a few moments israelis will be voting in their own election. his coalition failed to agree on a budget. -- >> he is young and wealthy and taking the election by storm. love to buy right-wing voters, his views have trained support from the ruling conservative party. almost unstoppable on the election trail, he is not avoid controversial issues and says what many on the israeli right thing. >> how do you resolve the national ambitions of millions of palestinians? >> if a palestinian state would be founded, it would ensure a
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internal strife for the next 200 years between us and the palestinians. they want a full-blown state but i believe we cannot give a full-blown state. benjamin netanyahu is expecting to return as prime minister and campaign ads say that only he has the strength to deal with the enemies of israel. >> he is trying to reestablish his right-wing credentials by supporting more building in jewish settlements of occupied palestinian land, which is seen illegal by international law. but even that is not enough to appease some of his former supporters on the right. -- >> one report said that there was a record surge in settlement expansion, not enough for those on the right to say that he is not tough enough for the
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palestinians. >> israel has to be strong on their negotiations and by being weak -- this is detrimental. >> others worry that his decision to form an alliance with the older-nationalist lieberman could hurt israel overseas. >> israel is going to be under the brunt of increased international criticism and what is most dangerous is the criticism from europe and the united states, not from the people who don't particularly like us. >> benjamin netanyahu and barack obama have never been close, and the u.s. president is resigned to a difficult relationship with a more right-wing government in israel. -- >> an election watched very closely, even here on
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inauguration day, and prince harry is on his way home after another toward of duty in afghanistan. he has confessed that he prefers army life to being a royal. and he has claimed to have killed taliban insurgents. >> for the last 20 weeks he has disappeared from public view, deployed to afghanistan and flying apache attack helicopter. >> this has reminded me about who i am, but is -- it is easy to forget about who i am in the army. >> he has had to be prepared to use lethal force against the taliban. -- >> the people that are trying to do bad stuff -- they will be in
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the game, i suppose. and the reason i did this job is to get back out there. >> keep -- he deployed to afghanistan under a cloud. he made what he excess was a serious mistake, he was photographed naked playing billiards. >> this is what one would expect, this was too much on may -- and i will make it when i am done here. >> he was in afghanistan under christmas, one of the guys and part of a gang. he was also there when news of the pregnancy of the duchess became public. >> tell any of the papers think they know the relationship
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between myself and my sister-in- law is quite remarkable but they are wrong, as always. >> it is very clear from the interviews that he has a deep antipathy to the british press. >> as always rubbish so far as some people actually read this, and people can get away with writing the things that they do. -- >> active service has been important to harry and he says that william would love to be given the same opportunity. his tour of duty is complete and unlike last time, he did not have to come home early because the media reported that he was there. >> this was not done in the wrong way but this was just --
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>> for five months he has seen action, been scrambled to take on the taliban. a young prince doing his duty alongside his comrades. -- >> is busy until the end of his store in afghanistan. the parade continues and still to come on tonight's program, president obama is not the only one marching down pennsylvania avenue for the second time. we have more on the bands. among the challenges in the second term of barack obama will be dealing with the situation in syria. a series of missiles have arrived to help against syria. this is an attempt to keep
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violence from spilling over. >> late last year, turkey asked nato for a missile defense system. the pieces of that system came off of the boat from germany. >> the military equipment is now in turkey and not far from the border in syria and the organization insists that the hardware stays in this country. nato says that they are not crossing the border to get directly involved in the conflict in syria. -- >> germany and the u.s. have agreed to send patriot missiles to germany. -- >> our mission is to protect the town, are ranged between nato and the turkish allies, so i don't see any involvement in any offensive action, that is not
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what we're here for. >> turkey insists that they can handle the rest of their defense. the war is just on the other side of the fence. the patriots will stop missiles, but they won't stop the more immediate threat of the stray bullets, but still, turkey wants the hardware. they are taking every measure to keep the country save. the patriots are expected to be operational by the start of next month. -- >> thousands of musicians marched down pennsylvania avenue as part of the official inaugural parade. among them were the first members of the openly gay marching band that made history in taking part in the first
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inauguration and they are back for a repeat performance but are not the only ones to return. -- >> the live on the street last time was, the believe that this really happened? none of us believe that this happened. now the town is very happy but relaxed. >> i think that we are thinking about what will happen in terms of what he is going to accomplish as the president, not just digging out of the whole but moving ahead in a positive way with the country. >> it was kind of intimidating going into it. napoli are you doing this as a magician, this is also your
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sexuality. >> we were the first ever openly gay organization to appear at the inauguration. we didn't know if we would be welcome, and we were just hoping for success. >> last time the focus was about president obama and this time, it is about who he represents, and the celebration of diversity -- and the idea in four years, there are other openly-gay marchers -- this was not the case for years ago. >> it is not so intense this time so we know that we will be welcomed and treated well, -- >> regardless of who you voted for it is time to come together and unite. >> you are almost there.
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>> the sensation about hope and change is not what it was four years ago, it is more of a serious, solemn attitude about recognizing that there are things that we have to do as a nation. -- >> this is a party. we feel good -- and for that day we are all happy and everything -- >> the president, right here. >> enjoy the inauguration day and the bands are still playing as they make their way to the white house to be reviewed by president obama, and joining me here above the mall,, laura, thank you very much. we talked about how the crowds weren't as big, without the excitement that was there in
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2009, that was gone but did you find them excited? -- >> the excitement was replaced with something different, but a more solid pride that this is a historic achievement, the nation's first african-american president reelected with a majority of the popular vote. this was the sense that people wanted to be part of. african-americans returned to vote in the selection in higher numbers than 2008. it was an extraordinarily proud day and how awful it would of been if he had not been reelected. -- >> this is like a microcosm of the constituencies that came out in force. watching the president being
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sworn in on the big screen at the mall, and the tears coming down his face because this was a moment for him -- not just the election but the real action, he was reelected because he ran on his record, and you can be watching the whole day how well this is put together. this is as close to or royal coronation as americans come. did you see the red coats as part of the marching band -- when you have overthrown something maybe you can adopt the best that you like. and every four years they seem like they are turning over a new part of their election and the pageantry makes them feel that. and there was a short speech, very different from last time.
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-- >> and the populist progressive -- talking about how everyone should have the same opportunities, and they felt that he was looking out for them, or for the americans struggling so hard to make it in this economy. and people still having difficulty making their mortgage payments, and they felt that the speech spoke to them. -- >> it was not as cold during the last inauguration but this was a chilly day for those people who came from all around the country to watch the 57 the inauguration ceremony of an american president, and his second inauguration of this president, barack obama beginning his second term after saying that
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americans must seize the moment and their challenges. we leave you with these images of inauguration day. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, barack obama. >> we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands. and in this capacity for risk and the gift for reinvestment. >> congratulations, mr. president. -- >> we are made for this moment and as long as we seize this together --
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>> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture
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new ventures and help provide capital for key, strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailor solutions in a wide range of industries. what c
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. >> ifill: president obama called for unity and equality in his second inaugural address, delivered today on the west front of the capitol. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. we devote tonight's newshour to the 57th inauguration. with full coverage of the pageantry, the ceremonial swearing-in, the speech, the parade, and more. >> ifill: ray suarez reports on the sights and sounds from the nation's mall, where hundreds of thousands of people from around the country and the world gathered to witness today's events. >> we don't think we'll have one like this president in my lifetime. we're just delighted to be a part of this. >> brown: mark shields and david brooks offer analysis. >> ifill: on this day that coincides with the martin luther king, jr., holiday, we get perspective from presidential historians richard norton smith, nn

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